RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Alec Clarke

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Measure twice, cut once

Woodworking and writing code go hand in hand, right?

On the surface these two activities may seem different, but the skills, tools, and mindset required to create quality furniture are consistent with the qualities required to write code that delights both the customer and developer.

As a woodworking hobbyist and software developer, I was amazed at how learning to build a table taught me to be a more impactful developer. In this talk we'll discover how woodworking can teach us to move fast and not break things, be more consistent in our execution, and deliver lasting value to customers.

Alec Clarke

Alec is a software developer and woodworking enthusiast who works remotely from Kingston, Ontario for Clio where he focuses on creating an enjoyable and effortless experience between law firms and their clients.

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