RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Brynn Gitt & Oliver Sanford

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Enterprise Identity Management on Rails

Your team's just inked that enterprise deal: 5000 seats at a well-known brand. But wait! Every week 100 people get hired or leave. Soon the customer's HR is complaining to the CEO and their engineers are hacking scripts against your undocumented API. Want to avoid this situation? We did too! Join us and learn how to automate identity management in Rails. We'll demystify SCIM, peer under the hood of key Ruby auth and identity gems, and share insights to help you anticipate the twists in the road.

Brynn Gitt & Oliver Sanford

Brynn Gitt has been working on Ruby on Rails apps for five years. She has a BSE in electrical engineering from the University of Iowa. She is a senior software engineer at Mode (http://mode.com/), and led Mode's implementation of the SCIM API. Previously, she worked at Academia.edu

Oliver Sanford has been developing Ruby and JavaScript apps for over a decade. He holds a PhD in anthropology from Berkeley and works as a senior software engineer at Mode (http://mode.com/), where he helps enterprises of all sizes understand the stories in their data.

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