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Nickolas Means

Nickolas hails from the Breakfast Taco Capital of the World, Austin, TX. When he's not busy eating said tacos, he's VP of Engineering at Wellmatch Health , working with an incredibly talented team of engineers to bring transparency to healthcare pricing. He believes that software engineering is mostly human interaction and he's passionate about building empathetic, compassionate teams.

Nickolas Means

Chanelle Henry

With a background in Psychology, Computer Science and Cybersecurity, Art Direction & Design, Chanelle Henry has an intense passion for problem-solving and creating methodologies; helping outline, encourage, and propel the UX Process. Currently serving as a Director of User Experience at Bluewolf, she uses creative and innovative solutions to execute ideas to consult with everyone from startups to Fortune 50 companies to help refine their goals, make progress, spread the gospel of UX.

Chanelle Henry

Aaron Patterson

Aaron was born and raised on the mean streets of Salt Lake City. His only hope for survival was to join the local gang of undercover street ballet performers known as the Tender Tights. As a Tender Tights member, Aaron learned to perfect the technique of self-defense pirouettes so that nobody, not even the Parkour Posse could catch him. Between vicious street dance-offs, Aaron taught himself to program. He learned to combine the art of street ballet with the craft of software engineering. Using these unique skills, he was able to leave his life on the streets and become a professional software engineer. He is currently Pirouetting through Processes, and Couruing through code for GitHub. Sometimes he thinks back fondly on his life in the Tender Tights, but then he remembers that it is better to have Tender Loved and Lost than to never have Tender Taught at all.

Aaron Patterson

Paul Lamere

Paul Lamere works at Spotify, where he spends all his time building machines to figure out what song you really want to listen to next.

When not at work, Paul spends much of his spare time hacking on music apps. Paul's work and hacks are world-renowned including the 'The Infinite Jukebox', and 'Girl Talk in a Box'.  Paul is a four-time nominee and twice winner of the MTV O Music Award for Best Music Hack (Winning hacks: 'Bohemian Rhapsichord' and 'The Bonhamizer')  and is the first inductee into the Music Hacker's Hall of Fame.  Paul also authors a popular blog about music technology called 'Music Machinery'.

Paul Lamere



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