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Storytelling for Tech People

Remember the last conference talk that put you to sleep? It probably had a really catchy title, too. It's time to change that standard. It's time to learn how to turn our technical content into a beautiful story.

In this workshop you'll learn how to think differently about your topic; how to craft a story that will capture and impress your audience.

Avital Tzubeli

Avital Tzubeli is a passionate storyteller and tech storytelling trainer. She believes that any boring content can be turned into a magical fairytale. Avital began telling stories in NYC, and has since spoken on stages in Stockholm, Dublin, Tokyo, Brussels, and throughout the USA. A software engineer turned developer advocate, now at Vonage, Avital loves empowering developers to build epic stories and share them with the world.


Debugging Your Brain

Sometimes your mind distorts reality, gets frustrated with shortcomings, or spirals out of control. Learn how to debug these by using research-backed psychology techniques.

Casey Watts

Casey studied neurobiology at Yale University, and he is a co-author on several neurobiology papers. He has also worked in software development for 10 years, including at Heroku. Casey can play ten musical instruments, and he owns one in every color of the rainbow, most recently a white accordion.


The Secrets of Successful Mentors

How do the best mentors operate? What makes them so effective? In this workshop, we will explore some counter-intuitive techniques that great mentors use in helping their apprentices learn fast and achieve extraordinary results. Learn how to give just the right learning challenge and just the right time and how to give feedback in a way that will actually be heard!

We will explore how mentoring is fundamentally different than teaching. We will also look at some psychology and brain science to understand what makes learners tick and how they respond when we give them feedback.

Doug Bradbury

Doug recently left 8th Light, where he started the mentorship program in 2008, to start One World Coders, an offshore software development consultancy that aims to take mentorship across geographic and cultural borders to build affordable, world-class software teams.

Doug has personally mentored more than 40 Software Crafters and writes and speaks about mentorship to companies and groups across the globe. He is also the Director of Engineering at Dade Systems, a B2B Rails product.


Upgrading Rails: The Dual-Boot Way

Upgrading Rails is easy, right? Sure, as long as you are upgrading your patch version. A Rails upgrade project for a majestic monolith is not a trivial project. While upgrades have become easier with every new Rails version, your application has only become more complicated with every new dependency.

In this workshop you will learn a proven Rails upgrade process which relies on "dual booting" to quickly iterate and upgrade! You will leave this workshop with a new set of tools that will make your next upgrade project less daunting.

Ernesto Tagwerker

Ernesto is the Founder of & OmbuLabs, a small software development shop dedicated to building lean code and upgrading your Ruby on Rails applications. When he is not mindlessly playing chess online, he likes to maintain a few Ruby gems including skunk and bundler-leak. He is passionate about spending time with his family, writing less code, contributing to open source, and eating empanadas.

Luciano Becerra

Luciano is a Senior Software Engineer at & OmbuLabs. He has many years of experience working with Rails. He often writes articles for the blog and works on Open Source projects as a way to give back to the community. He has been coach and organizer at multiple Rails Girls events. When he's not in front of a computer, he's probably outdoors taking photos with his camera.

Cleiviane Costa

Cleiviane is a Brazilian Software Engineer who works at & OmbuLabs. She's passionate about entrepreneurship and technology. She likes to think outside the box and propose new ideas. She also dedicates part of her time to diversity initiatives.


Believe in Rails Magic? Unlock the Powers of Rails

Poof! Before your eyes is a full-stack exercise tracking application utilizing rails forms. How did it get there? During this workshop, we're going to help you understand Rails magic! This workshop is perfect for Rails beginners who are looking to get a better understanding of the magic happening inside of Rails. We're going to teach how to build a full-stack rails exercise tracking application that allows the user to retrieve information from the database as well as add content to the database. You will also learn about mapping CRUD actions to HTTP verbs to RESTful routes. As well as following developer flow to implement routes, controller methods, and views for RESTful routes. Then, at the end of the workshop, everything will come together, and you will understand some of the amazing magic hidden inside of Rails!

Lea Ann Bradford

Lea Ann is a Senior Software Developer for Notch8, a web and mobile development agency based in San Diego and is a graduate of LEARN Academy. She discovered coding as a stay-at-home mom, and jumped head first into the world of Rails development when she decided to re-enter the workforce. She is a life-long learner who loves to share her passion for coding with others, as well as support beginners on their journey into and through the tech world.

Matthieu Tripoli

Matthieu is a developer from RealPage by LeaseLabs, crafting real estate and property management software for multifamily, commercial, and more. Starting with websites when they were table based, Matthieu continued dabbling on/off while pursuing other interests, before returning to code full-time in 2017. After learning Ruby and Rails from Learn Academy, he has continued growing while working with a variety of languages and frameworks, and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm.


Deploying your Rails Application to Kubernetes

Kubernetes has a lot of DevOps mindshare and is how shops like GitHub and Shopify are deploying their apps. But, what is Kubernetes? What does it mean for deploying your application? Do you need it?

In this workshop, we'll answer by migrating a small Rails application to Kubernetes. We'll build up the deployment tooling necessary to stand the application up on a small Kubernetes cluster.

We'll also explore the core concepts and considerations of adding Kubernetes to your deployment pipeline, including Kubernetes operations, preparing for ephemeral infrastructure, data storage, and more.

Nathan L. Walls

Nathan L. Walls is a developer who works with and trains up software teams to test well, refactor to clarify intent and improve understanding, separate concerns, and stay adaptive with an emphasis on learning, respect and empathy. Nathan's also a photographer, kung fu student, qigong practitioner, day hiker and cat herder. He writes at

Alex Panait

Alex Panait has been writing production-ready software for more than twenty years. He has a Masters in Computer Science and has worked in many technical roles across several industries. Outside of his own development work, he enjoys helping other developers improve their coding skills.


Hotwire: HTML over The Wire

Last December, the team behind Basecamp and Hey released Hotwire, a library for managing client side interactions by sending HTML to the client. Hotwire bundles the Stimulus JavaScript library with an expanded Turbo library which makes a wide range of client side interactions possible without writing any custom JavaScript. In this workshop, attendees will see first-hand how powerful the new library is by adding powerful interactions to a basic Rails view.

Noel Rappin

Noel Rappin is an Engineering Manager at Root Insurance. Noel has authored multiple technical books, including "Modern Front End Development For Rails" and "Rails 5 Test Prescriptions". He also hosted the podcast Tech Done Right. Follow Noel on Twitter @noelrap, and online at


OAuth 2.0 Deconstructed

OAuth is an authorization standard that is both powerful and daunting to learn. Higher level libraries like OmniAuth can ease the process of implementing OAuth, but it can be difficult to debug or customize the code without first understanding OAuth at a lower level.

This workshop breaks down the OAuth standard from the very basic principles, covering the terminology in an easy to digest fashion. It goes over step-by-step code examples to implement OAuth from scratch for several providers, so you get the repetition necessary to work with OAuth on your own at any level of abstraction.

Peter Jang

Peter Jang is the Dean of Instruction at Actualize, where he designs the web development curriculum and teaches live classes at the Actualize Chicago main campus. He has been programming professionally since 2002 and has been a classroom instructor since 2008. His passion is to blend his teaching and programming expertise to create the best technology educational resources available.


Effective Resumes for Tech

Transitioning into tech from another industry can sometimes feel like you're starting all over, but it doesn't have to be that way! Come armed with your resume, your cover letter, and a job posting you're interested in. We'll work through reframing your application materials to showcase the ways in which your previous experience is an asset to employers.

Rachel Bussert

Rachel Bussert is the Director of Student Services at Epicodus, leading the career services team for students looking to break into tech. Outside of work, she is an avid PC and tabletop gamer, a comic collector, and a frequent herder of cats.


Writing Better Forms

Forms are the unsung hero of a web app. Without them, most of our sites wouldn't have any data or even users. But we don't talk about forms that much, other than to say that building forms is hard. We want our forms to look nice and be useful, but sometimes that feels impossible. Join me for a refresher course on forms. We'll walk through creating three types of forms, from basic to advanced. Along the way I'll teach you some tips and tricks to create forms that delight users without frustrating your developers. And it's all vanilla Rails and JS as well - no extra DSL or libraries required.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green is a developer based in Houston, Texas with experience in building B2B, e-commerce, and enterprise applications. She is also a regular contributor to open-source projects and co-organizer for tech related meetups. Outside of tech, Rachel is also involved with civic engagement and advocacy efforts and is passionate about the potential for tech to do good for others. When it's time to relax, Rachel can be found curled up with a good book while baking bread.


Intro to Test Driven Development: How to Safely Make Changes

Even small changes to large codebases can make everything come crashing down. When you make a change to an already working application, how are you to be sure everything is still working correctly? With Test Driven Development!

In this workshop, we will take a dive into the capybara gem to take the role of every user under the sun you can think of, and replicate their behavior. We will first cover vocabulary and create a small full-stack application, and then go into how to incorporate tests, to ensure our application is working the way we intend it to. Stretch goals include covering modularizat

Zack Pieper

Zack has been an instructor at Coding Dojo since 2019, teaching the fundamentals of languages, including Rails, to new faces to programming. When not teaching or coding, Zack can be found eating extra toasty Cheez-Its while playing a new board game, exploring baking, or cracking a code in an escape room.